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Must have Flower Building Blocks 2022 | Botanical Collection

Must have Flower Building Blocks 2022 | Botanical Collection

From succulents to roses, here's our list of the must-have flower sets in whatever season you live in! 🌸

Mini Immortal Flowers

Why do we think it's great? These flowers are literally immortal!

This is a great gift for people who are into flowers and plants as these flowers can last forever. You'd never have to worry about watering them even when you're away. It's easy to build, and the final product is beautiful!

📷: @mlilley03


Mini Sakura and Succulent Pots

We would definitely recommend this set for children and adults alike. The tiny pieces do not take away from the building experience, because the design is simple and with only 389-426 pieces to build, you can easily assemble and enjoy the final product!

These flower sets are great for novice builders of all ages. Beautiful - FOREVER!

📷: Thomas G.


Mini Cherry Tree House


With over 2000 pieces to assemble, this set Cherry Tree set is definitely harder to build compared to the sets previously listed above. However, they are very pretty and makes a perfect display!

📷: Janne O.


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