Toys that bring us together

Who are Buildiverse?

We're a small online business operated by a small group of passionate Marketers, Graphic Designers and Software Developers. Our passion for building blocks propelled us to launch our business in early 2020. We loved the idea of continuing DIY activities against heavy digital consumption. We decided to promote toys that allow creative crafting, and we want you to have fun doing it!

Our mission?

We're all about building and craft. We aim to bring families together and help children bond with adults through creative activities. As a team, we wanted to share the learning benefits of building blocks and our love for it. Who doesn't love creative projects? With Buildiverse, we hope we can help you spark your forgotten passion for building blocks or simply fill your fun with rewarding hobbies.

For the Future:

We want to continue growing our brand and connect with our building community. We're happy when you are happy! Therefore, we're continuously working on improving our products and protecting the environment by using eco-friendly materials, giving back to our community and help reduce excess packagings.