Mini Sakura Succulent Pots

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Bring nature into your home!

Easy and fun DIY activity,Ā build the most inventiveĀ flower pots for your shelves. These mini flower pots are handmade with great precision to ensure a beautiful pot that will bring out the lush colors of your succulents. With a vivid spectrum of colors for both your plant and its pot, youā€™re sure to be admired as you show off these miniature works of art!

Ready to build, collect and play?

AssembleĀ 389-426 pieces of durable vibrant blocks! AĀ MUSTĀ haveĀ for those who adores nature and plants.Ā This set includes graphic instruction to makeĀ building easier for everyone.Ā 


šŸŒø 100% Recyclable & Non-toxic
šŸŒø Made of ABS material
šŸŒø 389-426 pieces of durable MINIĀ blocks
šŸŒø Elegant design, perfect for decorative display
šŸŒø Suitable to ages 8 and above
šŸŒø Perfect as a gift or part of a toy collection

šŸ“¦ Packaged in a sturdy reusable customĀ boxĀ and easy to follow instructions included.

Perfect for adults and kids

Treat yourself or your loved ones to the most unique gift.Ā Share the joy of DIY activities and build memories together!Ā Get inspired and displayĀ innovativeĀ flower potsĀ today!

Stand the test of time

With its durability, you'll treasure it for generations to come. Feel accomplished with each completionĀ and share the joy of DIY activities! Get together andĀ start building!Ā We provide easy-to-follow instructions with images to make assembling easy and achievable for everyone.Ā 

āš ļø Warning:Ā This product contains small parts which is a choking hazard. Therefore, for the safety of our customers, it is not suitable for young children under the age of 8 unless under strict supervision of an adult.


šŸ“¦ Packaged in a sturdy reusable customĀ boxĀ and easy to follow instructions included.

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