Welcome Ambassadors

Congratulations on joining our Ambassador program and being the face of Buildiverse. We look forward to working with you. 

To get started, we will arrange the random item(s) to be sent to you to help you promote your first collection and earn commissions. As our ambassadors, we'll dedicate ourselves to helping you reach out to new audiences by sharing your posts on our socials. Furthermore, as our ambassadors, you agree to accountability and responsibilities mentioned below:

Ambassador responsibilities

- As the Buildiverse ambassador, you are expected to generate at least 3 sales within 6 months. Should any of the ambassadors produce less than

- You must not directly work with brands that are considered as our direct competitors (e.g., similar Brand/Companies that sell the same or similar products as the Buildiverse).

Creative and social activities

- We'd love you to be creative with your social posts! However, if you have any ideas you'd love to discuss with us, please contact info@buildiverse.com directly. 

- As part of the Buildiverse Ambassador program, we have the right to repurpose your content in our socials or marketing channels. If we do so, we will endeavour to credit the image/video as yours.

- For any content, you'd like to share with us, please email your images and/or videos to buildiverse@submit.media for curation. Alternatively, you may tag us on our socials @wearebuildiverse or #buildiverse.



Read Buildiverse Ambassadors Terms and Conditions for further information.