Black Widow

Black Widow

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The Menacing Spider

You've seen them in movies, some of us are even afraid of them, but did you know? Spiders are highly adaptable and can live in nearly every type of habitat. They are one of the top 10 most diverse species on earth!

They play vital roles in all ecosystems - except in your home, maybe. We can imagine this High-quality Steel 3D Spider playing a vital role in improving your home décor. Whether you decide to mount on your shelf or desk, we're sure that it will look magnificently menacing. It is crafted through laser-cut, with great meticulous attention to details and is perfect for mechanical jigsaw lovers, collectors and those who are looking for a new crafty hobby!

Enjoy the magic as you easily assemble each piece together, either alone or with friends and family. No glue or solder required. Perfect for all gender and children from the age of 14 and above.

Remember, real strength starts with building.

Warning: This product contains small parts which is a choking hazard. Therefore, for the safety of our customers, it is not suitable for young children under the age of 14 unless under strict supervision of an adult.



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