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The sound of summer

Do you hear that familiar sound of summer?

It's the Cicadas!

Cicadas have been renowned for their unusual habits. They develop underground for many years, only to reappear in force at a regular interval, often in warm weather every 13-17 years. During this time they are in search of mates. Their amazing lifestyle has been a source of fascination since ancient times. Several cultures regarded these insects as symbols of rebirth due to their unusual life cycles.

Whether you are fascinated by Cicadas or resonate with its symbolism - rebirth. This meticulous DIY 3D steel-kit will bring the summer memories closer to you. They're easily assembled, no glue or tools required. Perfect for all gender and children from the age of 14 and above.

Bring the summertime where you are with this cicada. 

A step by step instruction guide will be included in the product with easy to follow picture directions.

Warning: This product contains small parts which is a choking hazard. Therefore, for the safety of our customers, is not suitable for young children under the age of 14 unless under strict supervision of an adult.



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