Ambassador Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your interest. Before applying to Buildiverse Ambassador program, please carefully read all the information below before submitting your application:

Creative and social activity

Ambassadors may not alter any of the creative provided by Buildiverse if any (i.e., brand logo etc). Anyone found infringing on these terms will receive a warning and may have commissions reversed. We reserve the right to withhold commission during this time. Continuous infringement of these terms will result in suspension.

Furthermore, if you promote our products on your social platforms, you are agreeing that we may repurpose your content in our marketing channels. If we do so, we will endeavour to tag your social handle to credit the image as yours. 

I-frames and product pricing

Ambassadors may not put the Buildiverse website into frames or use masked URLs. Furthermore, the Buildiverse data feed pricing information will be refreshed accordingly if need be.

Ambassadors are requested to make every effort to maintain Buildiverse's most current pricing information in their promotions.

Full Terms & Conditions

Please note that failure to comply with these terms and conditions could result in your relationship being terminated and any commissions earned being reversed.

1. Pay Per Click search activity

Ambassadors may carry out any PPC search activity directing traffic to Buildiverse. Alternatively, ambassadors generating traffic to their own sites must abide by the following rules.

a. Using the Buildiverse brand term in the sub folder of the display URL (eg – Not Allowed

b. Using the Buildiverse brand term in the sub domain of the display URL (eg – Not Allowed

c. Using the Buildiverse brand or a misspelling of the Buildiverse brand in the display URL (eg or ( – Not Allowed

d. Using the Buildiverse brand in the ad title – Not Allowed unless given permission to do so.

e. Using the Buildiverse brand in the ad text – Allowed

f. Bid on the brand term “Buildiverse”, misspellings or extensions of the brand and generic brand terms (i.e., "Buildiverse Japanese Blocks") – Not Allowed

g. Bid on the advertisers URL – Not Allowed

h. Show adverts on competitors’ brands – Not Allowed

2. Discount code

As standard all discount code use needs to comply with the Buildiverse Ambassador guidelines:

a. Ambassadors may not receive commission fees for orders placed by themselves.

b.  Ambassadors must not display made up / invented discount codes on their site(s) or display discount codes that were intended for exclusive use only. 

c. Discount code that encourage users to “click here to reveal offer / code” can be used if a voucher code exists for the Buildiverse programme. If there is no voucher code available for the Buildiverse programme ambassadors must not use this method, as it leads to a poor user experience for potential Buildiverse customers and can cause customer service issues.

3. Email Marketing

a. All email marketing must be signed off by Buildiverse and the account management team.

4. Linking

a. Ambassadors are allowed to deeplink to a chosen offer or category on the Buildiverse site.

Affiliate Approvals

All affiliate sites are audited on sign up to ensure any brand compliance issue that may exist are met. Any affiliates without a working URL will be rejected.


All commissions will be validated on a 45 day period and reserves the right to claim back commission on all returned goods.


From time to time, Buildiverse may share details of upcoming campaigns or promotions with its Ambassadors. Affiliates must not share this information publicly or with any other company ahead of its launch date, when an embargo is in place. Doing so may result in loss of commissions and/or termination from the programme.


Buildiverse will only work with subnetworks who are transparent about their traffic sources 

Please note the following:

- Transaction value that commissions are paid on does not include VAT and credit card fees.

- Comissions may be declined due to order cancellations and returns, failed credit check, breach of terms and conditions, and duplicate orders.