Sandai Kitetsu Sword Building Block Set - 790 Pieces

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👹 Unleash the Cursed Power with Buildiverse's "Sandai Kitetsu" Sword Building Set!

Embark on a treacherous journey of power and peril with our "Sandai Kitetsu" building block set! With LEGO-compatible pieces, this set not only invites you to a world of cursed swords and samurai legends but also seamlessly integrates with your existing brick collections, unlocking endless possibilities of creation and adventure.

💥 Your Path to Power and Peril Begins Here

As you piece together the legendary Sandai Kitetsu, feel the surge of its cursed energy flowing through your fingertips. This isn’t merely a building set; it’s a journey through the perilous seas of the Grand Line, where every brick placed is a step towards mastering a sword that defies fate itself.

Why Choose the "Sandai Kitetsu" Set?

👹 Name Brand Compatible, Integrating with Your Existing Sets
👹 Build and Wield the Legendary Cursed Sword
👹 Navigate Through a World of Pirates and Power
👹 790+ Pieces
👹 Recyclable ABS plastic
👹 Includes stand & sheath

A Tale of Honor, Power, and Mythical Adventure Whether you're navigating through treacherous seas, battling powerful foes, or forging alliances, the "Sandai Kitetsu" set is your key to unlocking a world where your destiny is forged by your own hands.

🛒 Ready to Wield the Power of the Cursed Blade?

Shop Now at Buildiverse and embark on a journey where every piece assembled is a step towards wielding a sword shrouded in myth and peril, and every adventure undertaken is a chapter in your own legendary tale!


⚠️ Warning: This product contains small parts which is a choking hazard. Therefore, for the safety of our customers, it is not suitable for young children under the age of 8 unless under strict supervision of an adult.



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