Top 5 Buildiverse 3D Puzzles

Top 5 Buildiverse 3D Puzzles

Top 5 Buildiverse 3D Puzzles

Check out our most popular 3D Puzzles chosen by you! Due to this trend, we've put together a list of our best-selling 3D Puzzles, and we'll let you know why.

Here's our Top 5: Fan Favourites, starting with number:

5. Scorpion King

It didn't surprise us when this mean-looking 3D model made it to the list. It's strikingly beautiful and looks complex. Our customers love it because of its high-quality materials (steel). Furthermore, its slightly more complex pieces made it extremely exciting and rewarding in building our Scorpion Kings. It definitely looks awesome!

What do our customers say?

"Fun to assemble and looks awesome".

Find out more information about this 3D kit here.

 4. Legendary Fire Dragon

Our £50 Legendary Fire Dragon (excluding discounts) is highly popular with our Buildiverse Community. We noticed that many of you are quite adventurous and perhaps, a descendant of dragon slayers!

Jokes aside, we believe this is a massive hit due to its reasonable price, considering how highly detailed this 3D model-kit is. Its made out of hundreds of steel which is perfect for veteran 3D crafters or jigsaw enthusiasts. The fun is definitely prolonged with this model and looks good as a collection.
What do our customers say?

"High quality material, challenging, stunning design".

Find out more information about this 3D puzzle here.

3. Premium Steam Locomotive

Our wooden collection is extremely popular due to their high-quality pieces and eco-friendly grade, and this 3D locomotive appeals to a lot of our customers. It's classic, highly detailed and brings back a nostalgic feeling.  

What do our customer says?

"Wood smells good, fun to build, a lot of details".

Find out more information about this 3D puzzle here.

2. Sakura Cherry Blossom Shrine
We have a wide selection of building blocks collection, ranging from cars to food stalls. However, this Sakura Shrine seems to shine the most due to its exquisite and unique features (built-in lights, featured dolls and avant-garde tree). Our Sakura Shrine is like the beginning of Spring. Moreover, this 3D Block puzzle is made of ABS plastic which is recyclable and non-toxic - perfect for children!

What do our customer says?

"Putting them together was a lot of work but worth it in the end".

Find out more information about this 3D puzzle here.

1. Hedgehog
This number 1 pick surprised us as well!

Despite its simplicity, this 3D Puzzle is our best-selling model and sells quickly. We believe that this is due to its suitability with a wider audience. This 3D Hedgehog model is easy to assemble (approximately 2 hours to build) which makes it perfect to both novice and veteran 3D builders!

Plus, who can deny its cuteness?

Like all our wooden collections, our Hedgehog is eco-friendly and laser-cut in fine details!


That's it! That's our Top 5: Fan Favourites.

We hope that you enjoyed this list and inspired you to decide what your next building experience could be. Our 3D puzzles are perfect as a gift or for collectors, 3D puzzle & jigsaw lovers and those who are looking for a new hobby. Therefore, we're sure you will find one that best suit your taste.

Also, don't forget to tag us on Instagram or Facebook featuring your new 3D collection! We love seeing your builds and smiles.