The Challengers: Are you an expert?

Maybe you have over 20 hours of building experience and mastered the art of assembling each 3D puzzle piece?

If you think you got what it takes, then, we challenge you to build these two incredible 3D Puzzles. Beware, they require expert patience and care.


Cherry Blossom Palace

With over 2500 particles and blocks, our 3D Cherry Blossom Palace takes at least 10 hours to build. They require a lot of care and patience, especially while assembling each cherry leaves. It's an exciting choice for those seeking an extreme challenge. Although the final result is highly rewarding, our Cherry Blossom Palace is truly regal.


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Legendary Fire Dragon

Consisting of 537 steel and metal, our 3D Legendary Fire Dragon has been a constant feature and trend here at Buildiverse. They're great as unique 3D Model-display and suits our veteran builders. Due to their smaller particles (dragon scales), this Legendary 3D Puzzle requires at least 13 hours to complete. You are a legend if you complete this kit under its suggested time consumption!

Either way, we know our 3D Legendary Fire Dragon is a great choice for all veteran builders and collectors.


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Hope you agreed with challenger picks and if you do decide to indulge with this puzzle challenge, please don't forget to tag us on Instagram or Facebook featuring your one of this challenging 3D collection. We love seeing your builds and smiles!




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