Beginner's Guide to building 3D puzzles

Beginner's Guide to building 3D puzzles

Beginner's Guide to building 3D puzzles

We understand that not everyone may be familiar with 3D puzzles, especially if you're trying something new on your own accord or want a unique 3D-Model as a surprise gift.

That's why we decided to create this beginner's guide to let you know the best items to get started with! We'll tell you how quick and easy it is to assemble.


1. Tiny Hedgehog 

This cute and rounded hedgehog is one of the easiest 3D-Puzzle kits we have. It takes approximately 2 hours to build and have only under 100 pieces. You will not need any tools or glues, simply attach each piece correctly, and the rest will assemble.

It is one of our most sought 3D-puzzle and model from our wooden collection due to how easy it is to build and mount. We think they look next to your plants. 

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2. The Princess Carriage

Who knew that this pretty Fairytale-like carriage will be super easy to assemble. It's built of around 182 pieces and takes approximately 2-4 hours to build. Like all of our wooden collections, it requires no tools or glues to build. Just snap and attach each piece and voila, you have acquired your own Fairy Pumpkin carriage!

Here's an example of how the pieces look like out of packaging!

We can't get over how beautiful this 3D-puzzle kit is. 

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3. Koala Bear

If you haven't noticed yet, we love our wooden collection so much. Super easy to assemble and luckily, this sophisticated 3D Koala Bear is no different. Like our Princess Carriage, our Koala Bear consist of over 100 pieces and takes 2-4 hours to build without tools or glues required. By the way, this 3D model is one of our few products that comes on its own mount.

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That's it for now, we hope that this list has inspired you to pick your first 3D- puzzles. Please make sure to tag us on Instagram or Facebook featuring your new 3D collection! We love seeing your builds and smiles.